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Dr. Aneek Bhattacharya

Specialty : ENT Treatment

City : Kolkata

Hospital : Fortis Healthcare Limited

Degree(s) : MBBS, Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology (DLO)

Other Degree(s) :

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  • Dr. Aneek Bhattaccharyya is a visiting ENT Consultant with Fortis Hospital, Anandapur, Kolkata and is known for doing all types of microsurgeries including Tymnoplasty, Tympanotomy, exam of ear under microscope and all routine procedures. He has successfully done cases like Septoplsty with or without Turbinectomy AN S.M.D, Fracture nasal bone, Nasal Polyp, Post Nasal Space growth or S.O.L (Biopsy oriented), Epistaxis requiring operation including Diathermy and Cautarisations, Mastoid Explorations, Ear Polyp not regular, Fibro-optic Laryngoscopy, Direct Laryngoscopy, Tracheostomy, Tonsillectomy, different biopsy including excision biopsy, Submandibular duct stones.Dr. Bhattacharyya previously was attached with the following Institutes: 1. Non-Residential Stipendiary Medical officer at Calcutta Medical Research Institute for training on Microsurgery of ear and Microlaryngoscopy-1994.2. Deputy-Visiting ENT Surgeon at Calcutta Medical Research Institute-1996.3. Visiting ENT Consultant at Ruby General Hospital in the year 1997 (All major ENT Surgeries with Microsurgical approach).4. Visiting ENT Consultant at Suruksha Hospital which later changed to AMRI Hospital, Salt Lake in Salt Lake since its inception in 2002.5. Visiting ENT Consultant at Wockhardt Hospital in the year 2003 (Where he did ENT Micro Surgery for the first time, including Tympanoplasty, Tympanotony and other routine procedure.6. Visiting ENT Consultant at Mission of Mercy, Assembly of God Church Hospital in 2007.7. Visiting ENT Surgeon at Desun Hospital since its inception.8. Visiting ENT Surgeon at Woodlands Hospital9. Visiting ENT Surgeon at Belle Vue Nursing Home, Kolkata.